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Let’s just state it outright: going to the dentist makes a lot of people nervous – 30 to 40 million Americans, by some estimates – so if you face this particular challenge yourself, you are in good company. Whether managing some dental anxiety or living with full-blown dental phobia, many anxious patients appreciate having the option to choose sedation dentistry when they visit Deerfoot Dental. Dr. Grovenstein is certified to administer in-office nitrous oxide or oral conscious sedation to make your dental treatment as comfortable and low-stress as possible.

Types Of Sedation Dentistry

  • Minimal sedation – means you are awake, but relaxed.
  • Moderate sedation – also known as conscious sedation – means you may have slurred speech and not remember your treatment clearly, but you are still not asleep and can respond to verbal cues from Dr. Grovenstein and the team.
  • Deep sedation – you hover between a conscious and an unconscious state, but you can be woken up without too much effort.
  • General anesthesia – also called “being put under” – means you are completely unconscious.

TSedation Dentistry = Conscious Sedation

Some of the most common myths about sedation dentistry sound about as scary as going to the dentist must feel to a fearful patient. One standard assumption is that sedation dentistry equals immediately being “knocked unconscious” once they’ve settled into the dental chair. This is not the way conscious sedation works – the word “conscious” is even part of the name – so how does it work?

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide – sometimes called “laughing gas”– is a mild form of conscious sedation breathed through a mask. You are awake but relaxed, and sometimes a bit drowsy or giggly. You can drive yourself to and from your appointment even if you choose nitrous oxide – Dr. Grovenstein will have you breathe pure oxygen for several minutes when your treatment is over to clear your head. (In fact, you may feel even more alert than you did when you arrived!)

Oral Conscious Sedation

Oral conscious sedation is when Dr. Grovenstein prescribes a sedative prior to your dental procedure. This level of sedation falls under the minimal to moderate category, depending on the dose.

You are usually directed to take your sedative about an hour before your dental procedure to ensure it has taken effect by the time Dr. Grovenstein is ready to start your treatment. Some patients become drowsy, but still remain awake; others fall asleep, but can be awakened easily with a gentle touch or shake from the Deerfoot Dental team.

Transportation Arrangements

You will need someone to drive you to and from your appointment if you choose oral conscious sedation – and this is not optional. Your safety is of utmost importance to Dr. Grovenstein. The ideal situation is to have someone stay with you for a couple of hours until the effects of the sedative have worn off, but we understand that is not possible for everyone to arrange. Transportation is the most important thing when using oral conscious sedation dentistry.

Let’s Get Started

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