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6 Most Important FAQs About Dentures In 2019
May 24, 2019  |  Dental Dentures

6 Most Important FAQs About Dentures In 2019

In a nutshell, dental dentures are a set of custom-made teeth that serves the purpose of replacing missing teeth. Dentures may be ‘complete’ or ‘partial’ depending upon whether one needs to replace the entire set of teeth or a few of them. Commonly, they are a set of removable tooth restorations and therefore need to be handled with utmost care. These dentures stay in place either by the help of adhesives, even after the use of suction and clasps.

Despite a few cons like the fear of slipping out or cracking under too much pressure, dentures often seem to be a commonly preferred teeth restoration technique. Some of the FAQs that usually surface about Dentures are listed below.

Below are the most important FAQs that you should know:

  1. How much will my new set of Dentures cost?

  2. Is a dental insurance accepted?

  3. When will I have to replace my dentures?

  4. What if I have an emergency?

  5. What if my dentures cause soreness in the gums?

  6. How do I clean my dentures?

How much will my new set of Dentures cost?

Before you gear up for getting your new set of dentures, you should be well aware of the how much it might cost you. There are actually 2 ways of getting the information:

1. Call your dental office directly and get all your quarries answered.

2. You could call 1-800-DENTURE to access free information over the phone. They will also mail you an information brochure with the concerned practice fee information at no charge.

Is a dental insurance accepted?

If you have a dental insurance, the affiliated practices will provide an appropriate dental statement of services. However most practices do not file insurance claims directly. You need to save money by filing the claim yourself. The dental staff in an office usually helps you out with the parameters such that you could calculate the costs to take an appropriate decision.

When will I have to replace my dentures?

Dentures do not need a replacement before 5 to 10 years. Proper care through cleaning and a good dental hygiene regime ensures that your dentures last for at least a decade. age is another factor. If you have got your dentures made at an elderly age, then, dentures might need replacement for factors like jaw bone shrinking which could be a result of old age!

What if I have an emergency?

Usually same-day dentures are very helpful a service in case of the occurrence of any emergency. The unforeseen event could be any accident or trauma that broke or damaged your dentures. Your dentistry will certainly have an on-site lab, where emergency repairs could be easily accommodated on the same day itself.

What if my dentures cause soreness in the gums?

It is not unusual for your new denture to create sore spots on your gums. You need to call the practice that provided the services, and they will let you know what time of day to return to have your denture adjusted. Adjustments will help eliminate sore spots, and usually there is no charge during the first month or two. Afterwards it is chargeable though.

How do I clean my dentures?

For everyday cleaning, use a soft brush and a cleaning agent, such as soap and water, or other products sold especially to clean dentures. Make sure that you brush both the inside and outside of your denture. Also soaking your denture in water or a denture-cleaning agent when you take them out at night is highly recommended. Be careful about dropping your dentures and breaking them while cleaning. You might cushion your sink for the purpose!

That's all. Now you should ask all those things in which you are confused. Visit your dentist and clear those doubts or Book an appointment with our dentist.