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9 Interesting Facts About Teeth Whitening That You Should Know
September 11, 2019  |  Cosmetic Dentistry

9 Interesting Facts About Teeth Whitening That You Should Know

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Before you jump into the facts about whitening your teeth, the first fact that you must know is that you do not have perfectly white teeth! Let’s be honest! No one has, unless you’ve recently whitened your teeth. And if you haven’t, there are reasons why you should. Teeth whitening has an unmatched dental aesthetic associated with it, that gives you a beautiful, bright, white smile. So before you do consider whitening your teeth, read about the 9 interesting facts about teeth whitening, below:

1. Whitening doesn’t damage your teeth

Contrary to popular myths, teeth whitening does not cause any damage to your teeth. The chemicals simply open up the pores and remove the stains from within. After the whitening session, your teeth will naturally hydrate and nourish themselves. In fact, not whitening your teeth actually causes more harm than whitening your teeth!

2. Your teeth have pores

Yes, you read that right! Your teeth have pores that absorb certain materials, such as color. These colors stain your teeth, which is why you never have perfectly white teeth. Teeth whitening gels open up these pores to penetrate into them and remove such particles.

3. It’s OK to experience increased sensitivity, post-whitening

Most of us have sensitive teeth, either due to cracks and damage, or even genetics. The teeth become more sensitive post-whitening since the chemicals in the whitening gel dehydrate your teeth. This means that there remains less moisture for them to insulate the sensory nerves. However, this sensitivity does not last for more than 3 days, post-whitening.

4. It usually requires more than a single session

If you’re whitening for the first time, it is reasonable for you to not expect years and perhaps, decades of stains to be removed in a single go. Typically, 3 sessions are enough for the process. It is important that you stay patient during the entire process. Once done, maintaining your teeth would be much easier!

5. Artificial caps cannot be whitened

Artificial caps can neither be damaged nor whitened by the whitening process. The reason is simply that they do not have pores. Furthermore, these caps were colored to match the color of your natural teeth, and are resistant to chemicals contained in the whitening gel. This is the reason why these caps would not be damaged either by the whitening process.

6. Whitening done with UV light is temporary

UV light works as a catalyst for the whitening process. They accelerate the whitening gel to make them work faster. This type of whitening is regulated by the FDA. However, this type of whitening does not last long. Furthermore, people with high teeth sensitivity are recommended to never undergo this whitening process.

7. The best time is before bedtime!

When you are to undergo an in-home whitening process, dentists recommend you to go through the whitening process before going to bed. This is because the pores are more open than usual after whitening, and you stand the chance at slightly staining them. An entire night of sleep right after the whitening process gives the teeth enough time to hydrate themselves.

8. A custom-fitted whitening tray can make the difference!

Most of the whitening gels in the market are made of the same active chemicals. What makes the difference in whitening, is a custom-fitted whitening tray. This ensures that every angle of every tooth is evenly angled, regardless of the shape of the teeth.

9. They do last long, usually

After teeth whitening, your teeth may retain the whiteness for as long as 3 long years. However, you must watch what you eat. Drinking too much coffee, or consuming too much of colored food products would not let the whiteness to survive for that long.

Here is a bonus fact: Teeth whitening does not get rid of deep stains. So, if you’re considering whitening, do not get complacent with the bright, white color. Irrational consumption of tobacco or caffeine products would make the entire whitening process go in vain in no time! In this case, consulting your nearby teeth whitening dentist would be great idea as he can guide you along the right path for performing this process without any hassle.