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Restore Your Smile With The Best Quality Dental Bridges
July 08, 2020  |  blog

Restore Your Smile With The Best Quality Dental Bridges

Dental bridges can be recommended for you when you are missing one or more teeth. They are used to fill in the space missing from the teeth. The dentist cements the bridges across the empty space to the natural teeth. The teeth on either side of the gap are called abutments, which are used to cover the tooth as anchors.

Dental bridges are constructed of material made from porcelain, metal or a mixture of both. Your dentist in Pinson AL will help you determine which bridges to use, taking into account the position of the missing tooth (teeth), cost, and aesthetic preferences.

Are dental bridges useful?

Dental bridges are vital to keeping your teeth safe. A missing tooth can cause serious issues like bad bite and gum disease. This is because if you lose a tooth, the adjacent teeth can rotate or move into the empty space due to an imbalance, putting greater stress on your teeth and jaw joints.

Additionally, the drifted or tipped teeth are hard to clean. They are therefore put at a high risk of decay and gum disease. This is why it is important to use dental bridges to permanently replace the missing teeth.

If you lose faith in your smile due to a missing tooth, don't despair. Dental bridges are built to offer you the longest possible smile you desire. Tooth bridges help you make your dream smile come true, because they are tailored to your preference.

Missing tooth? Not a problem if you're in Pinson AL. We will help you restore your smile with the best quality dental bridges that you can ask for. Contact us to get in touch with the best dentist for dental bridges in Pinson AL.